Dave Corey - SAG-AFTRA/AEA

Bad Boys 2 - Agent Eames - Michael Bay, Director
Big Trouble - Cellmate Dwight - Barry Sonenfeld, Director
Analyze This - Miami Hall Guard - Harold Ramis, Director
The Truman Show - Hospital Security - Peter Weir, Director
The Holy Man - G's Announcer - Stephen Herek, Director
Wild Things - Reporter - John McNaughton, Director
The Evening Star - Theo - Robert Harling, Director
Gone Fishin' - Dekker Double - Chris Cain, Director
My Father, The Hero - Father - Steve Miner, Director
It Had to be You - Paul - Joe Bologna/Rene Taylor, Directors


Burn Notice - Fire Chief McKenzie - Jeffrey Hunt, Director
Burn Notice - DEA Agent - John Kretchmer, Director
America's Most Wanted - Gary Triano - Greg Klein, Director
MTV Music Awards - Sasquatch - Louis Horvitz, Director
Walker, Texas Ranger - Agent Douglas - Eric Norris, Director
Sheena - Kumar - Scott Paulin, Director
Safe Harbor - Sam Martin - Harvey Laidman, Director
Mortal Kombat Conquest - Bannak - Jim Johnston, Director
Maximum Bob - Warden White (recurring) - various Directors
New Adventures of Flipper - Goodwin - Tommy Lee Wallace
Pointman - Bobby - Russ Mayberry, Director
Fortune Hunter - Lemark - Steve Aspis, Director
Staying Afloat (MOW) - Jack Tubbs - Eric Laneuville, Director
Moon Over Miami - Mikey - Allan Arkush, Director
Key West - Hubert - David Beaird, Director
Wiseguy - Kneecrusher - Jan Eliasberg, Director
Thunderboat Row (MOW) - Hog Jackson - Thomas Wright
Miami Vice/4 episodes - principals


Why Torture is Wrong and the People Who Love Them
    Leonard - Mosaic Theatre, Plantation, FL
    Dwight - GableStage, Coral Gables, FL
Talk Radio
    Dan - Mosaic Theatre, Plantation
A Hotel on Marvin Gardens
    Bo - Actors' Playhouse, Coral Gables, FL
The Tale of the Allergist's Wife
    Ira - Royal Poinciana Playhouse, Palm Beach, FL
Running with Scissors
    Travis - Florida Stage, Manalapan, FL
Prelude to a Kiss
    Dr. Boyle - Shores Theatre, Miami Shores, FL
    Macbeth - Hollywood FL Shakespeare Festival
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    Chief Bromden - Actors' Playhouse, Coral Gables, FL
Of Mice and Men
    Lennie - GableStage, Coral Gables, FL
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